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Old Vacuum Tubes - N.O.S and Used

☞ In this category you will find old-fashioned vacuum valves for radios, amplifiers, radio transmitters, radars, televisions ... ッ

Old Vacuum Tubes - N.O.S and Used

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If you are interested in us checking your vacuum valves, you can do it now. The testing service would be done with our two testers: Hickok TV-7D / U and the Orange Valve Tester VT-1000.

With these we can tell you if the valves are new, used or broken. Before visiting our facilities, you will have to tell us which valve models you want us to test.

Price €0.41

6N2P-EV 6N2-EV 12AX7-ECC83...

Soviet military-made valves made by Reflektor (now Sovtek ). They have almost the same performance as the 12AX7 western valve but be careful! The filament voltage goes to 6.3V and not 12V and you will have to modify them or buy an adapter for it. The difference with the 6N2P is that these vacuum valves last 5000 hours (+ 3000 hours difference).

Price €3.72

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