Guitarra acústica ( Piezas y Repuestos)

Guitarra acústica ( Piezas y Repuestos) Hay 2 productos.

☞ Piezas y repuestos de calidad para guitarras acústicas de todos los fabricantes del mercado ッ

  • Fishman (¡Bajo pedido!)

    Repuestos Fishman que se sirven bajo la modalidad "bajo pedido". El plazo de entrega está en torno a una semana y media.

    Fishman® is dedicated to helping musicians achieve the truest sound possible whenever they plug in. Fishman®'s ongoing commitment and wide range of innovative products has helped the company grow to become the industry standard for acoustic amplification. From the largest arena to your own living room, wherever you hear an acoustic instrument, you can bet you’ll hear a Fishman®. Fishman® users are passionate about their brand of choice, for one simple reason: Fishman® puts the needs of the musician first. With exciting new products in development and the ongoing growth of Aura Acoustic Imaging technology, Fishman® continues to lead the way in acoustic amplification.

  • LR Baggs (¡Bajo pedido!)

    Repuestos LR Baggs que se sirven bajo la modalidad "bajo pedido". El plazo de entrega está en torno a una semana.

    LR Baggs designs and manufactures acoustic guitar pickups, microphones, and preamps that provide the best acoustic amplification for professional musicians.

  • Kent Armstrong...

    In the early 1970's, Kent got his start rewinding pickups in his father, Dan Armstrong's New York City repair shop. Eventually, Kent took over the repair shop and added a partner: pickup designer Bill Lawrence. With Bill's help, Kent continued his accumulation of pickup knowledge, and it was at this time that he started building his first pickup...

  • Jacks para Acusticas

    ☞ Jacks para guitarras acústicas con la mejor calidad del mercado ッ

  • Potenciómetros para...

    ☞ Potenciómetros ideales para su uso en guitarras acústicas o de jazz ッ

  • Portapilas -...

    ☞ Portabaterías para todo tipo de guitarras acústicas ッ

  • Puentes para Guitarras...

    ☞ Puentes para guitarras Archtop (Acústicas o electro-acústicas) ッ

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